Peaking through the curtain to see the world out there.

Why Not 100?

Since November 26th, 2021 I’ve been drawing cartoons Monday to Friday, adding a new blog post every weekend, and (as of January) sending a newsletter out every Sunday. That totals to 98 cartoons. That’s real close to an even 100. Sure, I could do two more cartoons, but today is a Sunday and I’m feeling …

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Words, Words, Words

Language is a funny thing, isn’t it? We assign meaning to these abstract shapes, then group them together to form words, sentences, dialogue…language. And this, for a great many of us, is how we communicate. Of course, we also have body language, breath, pace, inflection, tone – all sorts of things to prop up these …

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I’m Always Cold

It’s cold outside. Really cold. That ugly “the-snow-has-turned-to-ice-and-is-no-longer-charming” cold. Granted, it’s January…in Canada…so, suck it up? My daughter thinks it’s funny that I walk around the house with a hat and scarf on. “Mama’s always cold.” And it’s true. You’ll usually find me huddled on the couch completely encircled by soft, knitted things. At this …

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Liking Old Things

In my room I keep a few old friends. One stuffie and two Cabbage Patch Kids reside in a basket on the top of my closet, and Bambi (my old blanket…no affiliation with Disney), is safely tucked away in my top dresser drawer. You could say they’re in retirement. But believe me, they deserve it. …

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