I Have a Confession to Make

I read my horoscope.

I’ll just let the shame of that sink in for a minute.

Okay, it’s not daily or anything, but at the start of each new month I surreptitiously check the astrology page that’s bookmarked on my phone, curious what the stars have in store for me and 10% of the population who identify as fellow Scorpios. You know, intense, private, stubborn…wears a lot of black.

It’s embarrassing to admit. I shouldn’t know or care what Jupiter is doing, or when Mercury is in retrograde (like, always it seems?), and truthfully I skim past those parts. But tell me this is my month, and I am there for it.

I can’t help but get a little thrill when some well-meaning (and totally not financially motivated) stranger tells me (and again, 10% of the population), that my career is going to get a boost, or I’m about to go on a surprise vacation, or money is just going to start piling up on the floor or whatever.

It’s exciting. Even when experience proves the contrary.

I suppose I like the Jesus-take-the-wheel nature of it. Like, I can throw up my hands and say, “Not my fault I cracked the screen on my phone…MERCURY!”

And yes, I am perfectly aware that astrology is so widely rejected by the scientific community that they don’t even bother refuting it anymore, other than to say, “aw, that’s cute.” I AGREE WITH THEM. Hence, the shame.

But still…isn’t is kind of neat when something comes true?

Truth time. Do you check your horoscope? Let me know!

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