I’m Not Giving 100%

Do you know about resistance? The idea that whenever we sit down (or stand up) to accomplish something new, to change in some way, our brain holds up a big, fat stop sign and says, NO.

Why is that? Doesn’t your brain want you to achieve your goals, to better yourself? Doesn’t it know that even a teensy-tiny step forward into the unknown can actually be a good thing?

Short answer: no, it doesn’t give a crap.

The job of that weird looking muscle inside your head is to keep you safe. There is no safety in the unknown. Better instead to dig yourself into a nice little rut and stay put.

Now, I like a good rut as much as the next person, but at some point, the you that isn’t your brain needs to take a little look-see at what’s going on and decide if it’s worth it. It might be more comfortable to watch YouTube videos for an hour instead of dealing with the frustration of a blank page. It might be easier to default to those who do things better, who are more successful, who seem to be on the right track, and use that as an excuse to never begin because you can’t fail if you don’t try.

But, is it worth it?

Resistance, imposter syndrome, fear of failure – there are so many little daggers trying their best to deflate any sense of momentum that comes with trying something new. My brain is screaming at me to get back inside my rut, and to be fair, it has a point. It’s scary out there.

But, there’s something else that’s true. On the other side of fear, can be joy, creation, possibility. So, New Year’s resolution in full effect → I’m not listening anymore. I might be awkward AF when talking to another parent at the park, but I’m still going to go, even when it’s busy. I know I’m bound to get frustrated trying to draw a straight line, but I’m going to draw anyway. I might stare at the keyboard, daydreaming for longer than I’d care to admit, but I’m not getting up until there is somethin written.

I’m not interested in giving 100%. The daunting prospect of summiting whatever new mountain I’ve thrown in my path is too great. So, instead I’m going to keep taking little steps and see where I get. I’ve watched my daughter pick up a toy, throw it down in frustration, and try again way too many times not to see the lesson in that. The point, of course, isn’t perfection. It’s to keep showing up.

I’m not giving 100%. Let’s try 70% and call it a day, shall we?

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4 thoughts on “I’m Not Giving 100%”

  1. Denise Pinnock

    70% is better than 0%. Agree that our frustration slows us down to stagnation and we need to fight past the fear and try anyway.

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