Words, Words, Words

Language is a funny thing, isn’t it? We assign meaning to these abstract shapes, then group them together to form words, sentences, dialogue…language. And this, for a great many of us, is how we communicate. Of course, we also have body language, breath, pace, inflection, tone – all sorts of things to prop up these …

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I’m Always Cold

It’s cold outside. Really cold. That ugly “the-snow-has-turned-to-ice-and-is-no-longer-charming” cold. Granted, it’s January…in Canada…so, suck it up? My daughter thinks it’s funny that I walk around the house with a hat and scarf on. “Mama’s always cold.” And it’s true. You’ll usually find me huddled on the couch completely encircled by soft, knitted things. At this …

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